A Letter to College Freshman

*Note : I realized I began this article and never finished it. However, I feel that it is still important to publish and will follow up with a life-update soon! xoxo


Happy Sunday babes!

As my undergrad career is coming to a close this year I thought I would share some stuff I wish I would have known when I had first started college. It is most certainly a fun, beautiful journey but there are some things no one will ever tell you- so I hope this helps!

1.) If you don’t know anyone, that’s OKAY!! You WILL make friends.

Going into my freshman year I was a little anxious, I was moving to a new town in a different state where I maybe only knew three people- people who I was not even that close with (yet). My circumstances were a little different than most too. My plan was to get into the college of my dreams- an SEC school my heart had been set on for almost a year at the time. However, my grades were not good enough so I went to a community college in the same town as my dream school for my first year of college. The person who would end up being my best friend that year was a girl who was supposed to be my roommate at my dream school before I didn’t know that I would not get accepted. My ‘friend group’ turned out to be a group of guys that were roommates with a guy I had met on Tinder a few months prior. Though we never ended up dating, this guy and group of people became my brothers, and people I would trust with my life. Through them and my best friend I met their friends and the circle continued to grow. If you move to a town and don’t know a soul go to parties! I made many friends at social functions, some may not stick with you through college and some will. If parties are not your thing, attend study groups. I made so many friends just buy asking if people in my classes would like to study. Also, make an attempt to befriend your roommates. Even if their personality is not the same as yours, try something they like! My roommates from freshman year are still some of my best friends to this day! It may seem intimidating and scary at first but you can and will make friends, I promise!

2.) STUDY!!!

Freshman year feels like one big party – because it is. You are just coming out of high school, and if your high school was anything like mine you had field parties, you had pool parties, a weekend sleepover at a friends house. Once you enter college you are faced with frat parties every weekend, it feels like a movie- something out of Project X almost (lol). BUT DON’T FORGET TO FOCUS ON YOUR SCHOOL WORK. Once senior year rolls around and you realize you have to squeeze three extra classes into your schedule or you won’t graduate on time is THE worst feeling. Or worse than that, getting put on academic probation because your GPA fell below a 2.0. Have fun, make friends, relax- but don’t forget why you are actually there. Frat parties are not gunna be your thing senior year anyway (but you will be old enough to go buy a cocktail with your friends on the weekend which as it turns out it so much better).


3.) Enjoy every second of it.

Most importantly, enjoy it. Go on that spontaneous late night adventure with your friends. Stay up all night studying only to realize you haven’t gotten anything done, because you’ve been laughing to much. Spend all day tail-gating on a football Saturday. Text that boy you met who you thought was kinda cute. You get what i’m saying. This is a time in your life that is meant for growing and learning and it goes by quicker than you think.

All in all, embrace your time in college. Cherish it- because you will miss it once it starts coming to an end.

Until next time,

xoxo, Natalie Rose




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