Life Update 2018

Good morning babes!!

First of all, let me begin by apologizing for my long hiatus from CGCB. The last six or seven months have been hectic and full some life-goal accomplishments. As I was wrapping up the Spring 2018 semester I came to the realization that I will be graduating this coming December. While this is one semester behind the intended date, turning in my graduation application was probably one of my biggest accomplishments to date and I cannot express how proud of myself that I am. Not to sound so full of myself but HEY- college has been difficult for me and there were times where I  was not sure if I would finish or not. For me this is HUGE. With that being said I just began my last semester of undergrad last week and look forward to what the coming months hold. I plan on taking my GRE and applying to a few masters programs for forensic psychology. What a dream. I have no idea how I will pay for it or whether I will even be accepted anywhere but I have come this far and am confident I can make anything I want for myself come true.

On top of starting my last semester of undergrad last week, I also got my first ~new to me~ car. A 2015 Challenger, who I decided to name Rebel (Hotty Toddy am I right?). There seems to be this weird stigma about girls driving muscle cars?? I’m totally a car girl now. When I say I love my car- I LOVE MY CAR.

I am excited to bring ya’ll on this exciting journey with me.

Until next time-

XOXO, Natalie


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