Happy New Year, Babe!

Hello babes!!

I am back, I am 22, and I’m ready to take on this new year! Last semester was a tough one, full of working two jobs and studying for the 18 hours I was taking. All of those long nights and hours spent at work has paid off though and I am finally making my way down the hill to graduation. If you would have told 17 year old Natalie she would be graduating within four years, and from the college she desperately wanted to attend- she would think you’re lying. It has not been easy but I have worked my ass off to get where I am and I have never been more proud of myself. I will be the first person out of my parents, aunts, and uncles to graduate from college and receive a bachelors degree. When I was in high school I struggled a lot. I wasn’t very good at testing and could not focus to save my life (later found out I had ADD- getting diagnosed ended up being a lifesaver once I started college). I was always under the impression that no one really thought I would even go to college or even get accepted into one. However, once I have my heart set on something it takes a lot for me to back down, so I applied to a community college right next the university I had my heart set on and got to work. I transferred to my four year college a year and a half later. This journey has been an incredible one and I can not wait to share my last couple semesters with you all!

Heres to the class of 2018 & those who are working harder than ever to achieve their dreams. Lets have a good year!

xoxo, Natalie

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