I Left Town For A Night and This is What Happened

Hi babes,

So- I signed up for an environmental psychology class this semester for two reasons: most importantly, I still needed some more credit hours to fulfill my degree requirements, and secondly my best friend took it last semester and from what she told me it sounded like it was a pretty easy-going (and interesting) class. Little did I know I was going to be forced to go camping, or I wouldn’t receive twenty-five percent of my overall grade for the semester (yes you read that right TWENTY-FIVE). So after asking my boss if I could have off work super last minute, I got ready to go spend the night with a bunch of people I did not know somewhere in the middle of Tennessee. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the outdoors- I have grown up and lived in the South my entire life, but it was so so hot outside and humid that I wasn’t over the edge with excitement about going.



HOWEVER, everything changed when we arrived and somehow this past weekend turned out to be some of the most fun i’ve had in such long time. Once we parked and we got all of our things out we started to make our camp, which was this beautiful open spot with trees surrounding it (almost like a circle) that overlooked the Tennessee River. I decided I was going to sleep in my Enu, which was huge mistake by the way (did you know mosquitos can bite you through a hammock !?).. After we set up camp we split into two groups, my group decided to go canoeing and oh my gosh it was SO MUCH FUN. We parked our canoes on a beach for about an hour and got to know each other a little a better. After we returned to our campsite we had some spaghetti and then smores over a fire. I felt like I was in middle school again having a sleepover with my friends! It was all honestly so fun and so refreshing.

TN Mile 103.JPG

I love my town that I live in, but to be able to get away from all the stress of work and school and submerge myself in nature for almost twenty four hours, three hours away from home was nice. I felt so at peace!

If you are stressed and feel like your stuck in the cycle every week, take a weekend off to yourself and just go somewhere new. You will feel so much better afterwards I promise!

xoxo, Natalie Rose


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