HI BABES!!! I have a review for you- About a month ago I received a couple Burberry Liquid Velvet Lipsticks from Influenster, completely complimentary for testing purposes! If you’re wondering what Influenster is I plan on making an entire post about it sometime soon so sit tight (and subscribe to my email list so you can get notified when it comes out)

AHEM. Here we go-


In the photo above I am wearing Bright Plum #49

These retail at $34 and can be purchased here

(For a total of 14 colors there is a wide range to choose from)


These liquid lippies FEEL expensive. That sounds really weird I know but if you have seen Jeffree Star’s review of them you know what I mean. The product comes in a very nice textured box, which then contains the lippie. My jaw almost hit the floor when I saw how gorgeous they were! As if they didn’t already look boujee enough the container itself is a beautiful frosted *faux (as far as I can tell) glass piece.


I actually really loved the applicator that came with these. It is very soft and makes applying the lipstick super easy. I did, however, have to do a few coats to get the level of coverage I was looking for!


Ugh- i’m dreading writing this section because I seriously loved everything about this product EXCEPT for the formula. When I am out shopping for a lipstick the one thing that is on the top of my priority list is that it be non-transferable. I LOVED the packaging, the colors, the applicator- I just could not get behind the formula because it never dries down. I tend to wear this more when I know I won’t be eating or drinking that much. This lipstick would be absolutely perfect for photography/ OR if transfer is something that just does not bother you.

Until next time…

-xoxo Natalie Rose

Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet colors 2.jpg


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