Wednesday, Thoughts, Life

Hey babes! Happy Wednesday, we are half through the week- keep kicking ass! As I am sitting here working on homework in my senior year of college I am reflecting on the past three and a half years. I am feeling overwhelmingly blessed today. I love this University with my whole heart as well as … Continue reading Wednesday, Thoughts, Life


Happy New Year, Babe!

Hello babes!! I am back, I am 22, and I'm ready to take on this new year! Last semester was a tough one, full of working two jobs and studying for the 18 hours I was taking. All of those long nights and hours spent at work has paid off though and I am finally … Continue reading Happy New Year, Babe!

I Left Town For A Night and This is What Happened

Hi babes, So- I signed up for an environmental psychology class this semester for two reasons: most importantly, I still needed some more credit hours to fulfill my degree requirements, and secondly my best friend took it last semester and from what she told me it sounded like it was a pretty easy-going (and interesting) … Continue reading I Left Town For A Night and This is What Happened